Writtle Sport organises a free 'Get Back Into...' health programme for students and staff

The COVID pandemic has seen a big increase in poor mental wellbeing across Essex and the UK. Not only that, but the lockdown has affected many people's routine and physical activity habits.

In order to get students and staff moving and socialising (following the government guidelines) again, Writtle Sport has organised a free 'Get Back Into...' health and fitness programme that staff and students can engage with.

Sessions take place morning, lunch and evening, allowing plenty of opportunity for people to participate around work and studies. Writtle Sport recognises the importance physical activity has not only on physical health but also mental health, and by breaking down some of the common barriers to participation, we hope to see many of our student and staff body taking part in this great programme.

Stretching on Yoga Mat
Outdoor Hop

The classes on  offer include (but not limited to) yoga, health walks, boot camp, boxing, LBT and core strength.

Staff and students can access the schedule via our platform on the wix app and are encouraged to book their spaces to avoid missing out and so we can track attendance and ensure future programmes meet the needs and desires of our community.

To access the Writtle Sport platform, download the wix app and join with invite code: YL2GPU.