Free Women's Self-Defence Class Held at WUC

Wing Tsun London and Writtle University College welcome women across Chelmsford to a free self-defence event!

Sunday 7th November saw Wing Tsun London host a free Women’s Self-Defence course at Writtle University College. The ancient martial art designed by women, for women, was devised to enable a smaller and less powerful individual to overcome a much larger and stronger one.

Whilst the course was free, donations to Action Aid UK, a charity focusing on women’s and girl’s rights and to raise the awareness of violence against women, were encouraged.

Wing Tsun kung-fu uses a person’s natural physical assets to maximum effect, dramatically increasing their punching and kicking power, while at the same time turning an assailant’s power against them.

The 3-hour course introduced women of all ages to the discipline and covered; the basic tools of the body in their use for self-defence, the application of Wing Tsun against some direct attacks and learning to defend direct attacks and escaping grabs.

Instructors from Wing Tsun London circulated the session to help with corrections and advice, to ensure safe practice and that participants got the most out of the event. By the end of the session, everyone had learnt a new skill and all participants received a participation certificate. “Packed with invaluable techniques, the session provided confidence and protection to all those who attended,” said instructor Gabor Spenger.

Amy Grimsey, the Sport Development and Engagement Manager at WUC, said “it’s fantastic to be able to offer a venue to host such an important workshop for women and raise awareness of women’s charities such as Action Aid. Wing Tsun London are a fantastic organisation to work with and I am excited to continue working with them throughout the year, on projects to benefit our student and staff well-being and well as our wider community”.

Wing Tsun London offer Women’s Self-Defence training on Wednesday evenings from 5:30pm. Head over to their website for more information on how you can get involved: