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es muy sencillo y con escote halter

The halter style can be worn in different ways in a Boho dress. You can wear it to cover your shoulders or to show a little leg. A very simple and easy to wear halter style dress can also be worn to show a little more skin. Here are some examples of Boho halter dresses.

The evase style is a perfect choice for a Boho boda. Its high cuello and simple silhouette make it the perfect dress for a boda. This dress can be worn to any type of event, whether it is a bohemian or boho style party.

A simple yet detailed boda dress will be a popular choice for weddings, anniversaries, or other special occasions. It is also ideal for everyday wear. The cinturon and the halter will add a touch of glam to the dress and make it perfect for every occasion.


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