Writtle Sport takes on a new look...

2021 has seen an exciting start for Writtle Sport as both of the academic teams (college and university) and the sport development department join forces as one, and take on a new identity including a new icon and colours dedicated to the 'new' sport department.

Dr Gregory Deacon oversees this new, combined department, with Steve Spencer as his deputy and community partner and Amy Grimsey as the sport development and engagement manager. The team are very excited about the opportunities this will bring to WUC students and the wider community.

The slick new icon, brought together by WUC's marketing department, is a clear, simple and instantly recognisable shape taken from the heart of WUC's logo. It will feature across all sport uniforms, leisurewear, social media and promotional materials. 

sport icon.png

With our range of courses from level 2 to level 6, our sport teams, health and wellbeing provisions, new facilities and fresh new look, Writtle Sport is the place to be! You can follow our growth on Instagram at @writtlesport

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